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Albert B. Alkek created a living legacy in the wording of his last will and testament. In it, he laid out a road map that created the Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation. Upon his death, in 1995, the Foundation took up the work to which Mr. Alkek and his family had devoted considerable thought, energy and wealth. The Foundation continues to provide support for charitable, religious, scientific (primarily medical), cultural and educational organizations and programs serving the people of the state of Texas.

The majority of the Foundation’s grants reflect Mr. Alkek’s preferences for research
and education-related projects that will pay lasting dividends in terms of new discoveries and improved quality of life. Additional grants reflect the Alkek family’s strong community involvement, both in Houston and throughout the state.

Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
1100 Louisiana, Suite 5250
Houston, Texas 77002
Tel: 713.652.6601